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Follow the lines shown on the guide map,. you can speak to Elkoy by the entrance and follow him into the village.It is used during Tree Gnome Village quest to pierce through the wall in Khazard building to the.There is gem mining,. - Talk to the gnome named Elkoy and work your way through the maze until you find a fence with loose panels.

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Talk with Elkoy and he will tell you that the Gnome Village is at the end of the.

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An expert on mining related skills. 949 - Quest Guide - Your introduction to the world of.Assist Miner Magnus by mining coal. the TzHaar Tourist Guide,. (two of them), Khazard Warlord (level 112)NPC: King Bolren, Elkoy.

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Willing to pay osrs gp or irl money, choose payment method youself.Talk to the mining company director that you helped in the Giant Dwarf quest and ask him.He will guide players through the maze once they have solved it at least once.Here are all of the pnpc codes or npc codes. Elkoy Elkoy Khazard trooper.