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For example, in the sentence That poor man looks as if he needs a new coat,.Possessive pronouns are those designating possession. This cat is mine,.Mine definition, a form of the possessive case of I used as a predicate adjective: The yellow sweater is mine. See more.

For useful information on how to write an abstract,. the 4th dot is the period at the end of the sentence.

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Rule: Is the subject of the sentence regarded as a plural noun, or singular.Example sentences with the word mine. mine example sentences.

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Example sentences with the word mines. mines example sentences.Possessive pronouns are: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs Complete each sentence using the correct modifying possessive pronoun. 1.

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One example of how lengthy a sentence of mine can get is from my freshman from ENG 2050 at Appalachian State.Some occur as independent noun phrases: mine, yours, hers, ours, yours, theirs.

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How to use when in a sentence. There were hundreds of different bags on the conveyer belt.

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I work with several people who use structure somewhat different than mine. A University Grammar of English.I am learning Chinese, and I was confused on how to use the previously mentioned phrases in a sentence.

Hello Imran 26, In general, we use will to talk about a future which we consider likely or real in some way, while we use would to talk about less likely or.

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That car is mine. you:. Use a subject pronoun as the subject of each sentence based.

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This handout provides information on visual and textual devices for adding emphasis to your writing including textual formatting, punctuation, sentence structure, and.

Can you use placer mining in a sentence ChaCha Answer: Placer mining in a sentence: Most placer mining today use settling ponds, if o.Hello, The standard sentence would be: His dog is not much older than my dog.